Light and Night

Take this promise as my oath to survive,

In this life of light and night,

In a matter of minute you may not feel alive,

As this garden path takes you to nowhere

      -In this life of light and night.

Awaken by the mid of the night with no light,

I tried and tried to be bright,

The facts that I hide and the burdens that I might

-In this life of light and night,

Stranded over my shoulders…

Free my soul I did and saw no hope,

Flee away I did and with the night I cope,

-In this life of light and night

No matter how hard I try and cry,

The doom of darkness will see no sun tonight.

May I never be broken again,

Say I bear the anguish of tears,

-In this life of light and night

Drifted on a shore naked and desperate,

I cannot carry this life without her seperate.

In this life of light and night,

Standing on my bed with a terrible ache in the head,

Miles away from me,

Hours far from me…

-In this life of light and night

I can feel the shadow of the sun,

I can hear the screams of a gun.

There I see it pointed at me,

-But in this life of light and night

As you took my promise as my oath,

I will survive for us both,

Till the day you stop and give up the fight…

Murat Özgen



 Paul Auster is a very interesting and joyful writer. I have come to know of him during my visit to Ankara for UK Visa application in September, 2012. Then I bought The New York Trilogy at a well-known bookstore in Ankara. The book got my attention because its title simply consists of New York. It was made of three stories. It was a good read to me. I quite enjoyed Paul Auster then. Since that time, I have not encountered anything about him until the time when I was at bookstore here in Izmir. I noticed a book written by Paul Auster, the book was Invisible. I bought it right after. The first week with the book was not very abundant for me. I read only sixty pages or so. The next week I finished the book immediately.
The book is about the story of Adam Walker, a young and enthusiast college student in 1967. It begins with Adam’s meeting with Rudolf born, a visiting professor from France, and his seductive partner, Margot. They talk over politics, literature, history, life in New York and about their lives. After that night, Margot is somehow worried about Adam’s future and therefore wants to help him. Because of her will, Born offers $25,000 cash to start a literature magazine. In the meantime, Born leaves for Paris upon an emergency. In his absence, Adam and Margot have an affair. Every night at her place. Born throws Margot out and she goes back to France. The relationship between Adam and Born does not get hurt by this affair. One night while they are wandering on the New York streets, a black boy shows up with a knife in his hand intimidating the two. Born acts quick and stabs in his stomach. And this is where the whole thing is pointed at. After this incident, Adam feels guilty of not reporting the crime to officers the right time and gives Born the chance to leave the country.
At the end of the first chapter, we realize that this is actually an autobiography written by the old Adam who is dying of leukemia. It is sent to his old yet long unseen friend. The first chapter is called Spring and is written in first person. Adam asks his friend, Jim for advice on the second chapter. The second is Summer and written in second person in accord with Jim’s advice. It is about Adam’s recovery of the event and his life with his sister in a shared apartment in New York City. The last one, Fall accounts for Adam’s travel to Paris, his re-encounter with Margot, Born and meeting the Juins, the mother and her daughter waiting for a new life with Born
The book can be a quick read and indeed it is a good material for reading hours. I liked it. Especially the way Paul Auster writes. The way how he makes some things invisible to some extent or pages.