Hopeless Nights

If you ever get stuck in the middle of night,
If you ever try to sleep but lose in this fight,
If she ever touches your soul in a warm fall,
The dark is your face without any sleep at all.

Whenever your phone is ringing the bells,
You see that the caller is again someone else
And you find crying easier than having no hope,
It’s much burden than with which you can cope.

The child within you falls asleep all at once,
Through the dreamland of joy and fun he runs,
But your eyes still are in a fight of an expectation,
Denying and struggling to get over the situation.

And such nights you want to ask her this question:
Have you ever tasted the feeling of infatuation?
Don’t you see the scars you opened constantly bleed?
And you don’t know how to cope with this bad greed.

And you see the first lights of a brand new day,
There you think the best way is to sit still and pray
That she is still all yours and she is intact and pure
But you know for this night the pain is the only cure.

Murat Özgen